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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Earn Unlimited Bitcoin From Bitbin Full AutoPilot Method

Earn Unlimited Bitcoin 
From Bitbin Full AutoPilot Method

1st You Need To Register  Here

Create Some Paste Like Me....

And Copy Them....

Now You Need To Register 2 Autosurf Site 

OtoHitz   And WebDyn 

May Be You All Now About These Site ..

If You Already Register Then Leave Above Lines

Lets Start The Work..

Pick Your One Of Paste From Bitbin And Add Choose Otohit 1st 

Login With Your Oto Hit Account And Go To My Site Tab

Click On Add a site Button
And Add Bitbin Link Like Below Picture

Now We Come To 2nd Auto Surf Site Websynic

Login  With Your Detail And Go To My Site Tab

Click On Add A Website Button

And Add Your Detail Like Below Picture

 Now We Done Every Thing Ok.....

Now You Need To Earn Points From Autosurf Sites 

Its Total Auto Pilot But You Need To Add Daily 2 To 3 Paste In Both Auto Surf Site

So Why Look Like Original Traffic   

My Proof 

I Earn 45+ USD In Last 15 Days

Hope You All Understand 

Need Help Use Comments Box


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  1. salut bro
    Applied all the steps but non-existent profit ...why?

  2. same... 300 unpaid hits 0 paid hits... (and btw i didnt use your refers.. lol)

  3. In Websdyn Use Unique IP Option

  4. Vip Member Can Get One More Option To Getting Unique Hits :)
    Become Vip And Get One More Option :)

  5. Hey can you tell me how to make paste and what is that ,noob here need a guide

    1. Go To Login With Your Account !
      Click On Home Tab Left Side Above !
      Then In Empty Box Write Any Thing ...
      Then Give Title , Then Use Other Option In The End Of Use Monetized ( Check This Box )
      Now See How Your Earning Growing With Above Method

  6. olá eu gostária de agradeçer por vocé compartilhar essa ideia , serei seu referido com muito prazer

  7. Madam, Sir,

    I have registered on BitBin, but in my BitBin account, I missed where I can click to find my BitBin Link to add in OtoHitz and WebDyn . Please help me to find this link.


    Theoneste MUNYAKABUGA

    1. Once you create the paste by clicking on enter button , it gets you to the page with the link which you need to copy and paste on other site. It is the one which you are navigating at. Starting with https://bitbin..

  8. In websyndic site, Iam getting this type of reason and rejecting the site.

    String: "" -->

  9. that method works on 2015 but now we can't because im doing the same method 4 days ago and my account is banned now

  10. this no longer works, you will get your account banned for

  11. do not recommend using autosurf, just outsource pastes that attract and useful to others

  12. The serous problem with Bitbin is solving the fucking capthica i spent more than thirty minute trying solve it to no avail.


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