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Copyright Infringement
- We try our best to remove obvious copyright infringement but we can't remove all.
- Copyright holders that wish to have content removed can do so by contacting us via our contact form and selecting Copyright Violation. Please include URL of the post in question along with your statement. We will also require reasonable proof of your copyright such as a link to your own site or material. Content will be removed swiftly.

Contact us

Do note:
Due to our current Blog we're not obligated to respond to DMCA notices nor remove content because 92% of the content our site are just links which is still legal outside USA and UK.

Before sending:
We may ask for verification that you are the correct copyright holder of the content you wish to remove, And that public information (name, email, content and such) will be shared with the public if needed/wanted. 

Make sure that we are hosting the content not just linking to it, we cannot/won't help you if the content is hosted on for example Mediafire

If you're a lawyer of a company:
Don't send us PDF files, we work in terminals for the most part thus unable to see/open them correctly.     

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