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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

2015 Latest Little Apple Refund Method

Small change to Apple box method that will drastically improve your chances
When you get your box, don't do too much to whats inside the box.

Just drop out everything that's inside and loosely place the Styrofoam back inside.

Step on your actual cardboard box, make several creases and make it look as if it was damaged during shipping, not

actually tampered with and burgled into by some UPS lacky. Be sure to make a rip in the box where the ipad etc, could have fell out from.

This way, when the box scans in at the UPS center, it will stay there - it will never actually ship out to apple. UPS will

let apple know that the package was damaged during shipping and that the item was lost.

I did this and the whole process took me less than a week, I didn't need to provide any details and they told me NOT to

have any contact with UPS, and that they will handle it.

I have only tried this with UPS I don't know what results may come of using other carriers.

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