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Thursday, 5 March 2015

[Latest] Earn 500$ With Auto Pilot Method ( March 2015 )

Setup 1 !

You Just Need To Register Here
After Complete Sign Up Process 
Login With Your Account...
Go To Ad Tag Page... Copy All 3 Tags  .....

Setup 2 !

Now Go On And Create A New Blog
Name It How You Want,
It Doesn't Matter And No Need To Fill It With Content..
Let 's Come Back To Setup 1 We Copy Our Tag And Past It...
See Below Picture

Now Go To Blogger Dashboard ===> Layout 
===> Add A Gadget ( Header
( Add Tag 728x90 ) ==>> Now Go To ( Right Side
Add A Gadget ( Add Tag 160x600
Now Click On New Post Button 
( Left Side Above ) Now Click Html 
And Past Your 3rd Code 300x250 There 
Click Publish Button .......

Setup 3 !

Now Create An Account  Here

It Will Provide You Many Views On Your Link.
Go to "My Websites" Tab 
And Add The URL Of The Blog 
We Created Before.
Wait A Bit Till They Approve It 
( Won't Take Long ~5min Max )
And You Can Now Go To The "Traffic Exchange" Tab 
And Download The Tool That Will Get You Traffic 
To Your Link And Earn You Money.
Now I Recommended You Buy Premium Account
Because The Traffic Exchange Will Limit 
You At A Certain Amount Per Day.
The Other Tip Is To Get Extra Website Slots 
( More Traffic Per Hour ).
The Premium Account Is Also Interesting 
Because You Can Choose Where The Traffic Comes From, 
( I Personally Bought It And Have Anonymous Traffic Now ).
If You Have Multiple Computers 
I Suggest You To Install The Traffic Exchanger Tool 
On Them To Make More Views On Your Ads
Setup 3.1 
( Auto Surf Site Which Have Largest Viewer )

       Websdyn  Alex Master      

Above Are Auto Surfer Site 
Which Will Increase Your View 
And You Will  Earn More Revenue ..

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  1. The link of the Blog or the Post link?

    1. i created a new post with the last code. now which link i must paste in hitleap?

  2. 1st Paste 1 Link With Original Blog Link

    2nd Paste Your Post Link

  3. How long should it take for earnings to show in your AdHexa account once you have started sending hits to your blog?

  4. I did everything you said . but do not count adhexa.
    my blogger :

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. hey what is the earning possibilities per month(pure profit) from this trick.please guide?
    for 10 million hits per month how much will i earn per month?

  7. hi..

    is there any way to make pop under ads visible even if the viewer does not click on website..? I mean the site should show pop under automatically after opening the site..

    when i use traffic exchange sites, they don't show pop under..

    thank you

  8. Use Otohit Setting For Click

    I Added Picture How To Use In This Tutorial

    Check It..



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