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Saturday, 10 January 2015

[11$ WSO Leak ] [Newbies Only] Get Paid 1$-4$ Per Subscriber Before Sending A Single Email (Takes Just 5 Mins)

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ATTENTION: Any Newbie Sick and Tired of “Hoping” to be profitable when building an e-mail list...READ ON.

How to Skyrocket Your Profits by Getting Paid 1$-4$ Per Email Address While Building Your Own List By Simply Copy & Pasting One url, EVEN if you have NEVER heard of Internet Marketing!

Guy who Sleeps in His Mom's Basement Stumbles Upon This Hidden Formula To Get Paid 1$-4$ For Each Subscriber on His List Before Even Sending A Single E-mail...!
Saturday, Jan 3, 2015

From: Mark Marlowe

Re: The Newbie Uprising. How copy & pasting one url can make a Newbie outearn veterans before even sending out his first email...without requiring a single penny.

Dear Warrior,

Internet Marketing Sucks.

Yep, I said it. It's hard, gritty, and just so UNFAIR.

Yet why do we do it? What keeps us moving on?

Well we all know what it is...the glorious feeling of seeing Money come in our bank account and finally being able to give the middle finger to our fat demeaning boss and walk out the office like CHAMPIONS.

The Truth is all the annoying, eye tearing, late night, work on the computer, only to see a big $0 on the computer screen is worth that fleeting holy feeling of too amazing to let go...

But LETS BE HONEST. Staying persistent...isn't easy...

I know how it feels...I know where it hurts...

I have had my fair share of being “screwed over” during my Making Money Online Journey prior to my success… literally going on the brink of losing my life as I didn't know what to do and All the info in the world(at least to me) wasn't working.

Have you ever thought…

How no one else in the world can bring you immediate results?

How that dream you had since you first heard of Internet Marketing and what was possible...Is seemingly a long gone fantasy that you try to forget?

Did you feel the same way I Used To Feel?

Are you tiered of building a list “hoping” that it will be profitable!

I Totally Understand

Although you're wife, friends, or even YOU may think different...its not your fault.

All the experience and hardships you have been through on this rocky path in this overwhelming journey has led you to this one gold nugget, that you are reading right now.

This is my life's purpose. Taking people who have been hammered with the big $0, to INSTANT results as fast as possible and with little to no work (I hate working...being lazy and drinking diet coke is fun!)

This is The Greatest System on PLANET EARTH (And the Moon) To Get Paid 1$-4$ Per Subscriber While Building Your List in LESS than 5 Minutes

You could wait 6 years and go to every marketing seminar, spend thousands of dollars trying to build various lists in niches, & send thousands of e-mails with the wackiest subject lines in hopes that you will be profitable (may the IM spirits help you!)


Read this caveman intelligence level report that I literally made so five year old NEPHEW could read it back and its Chopped down to the PURE HARD COLD step by step method...into a 5 minute session.

No long, lengthy, boring information.

This is complete “do this... Do that” dummy proof info. Just the literal word by word explanation of what you need to do to start getting paid 1$-4$ for each subscriber that opts in to your landing page.

Here’s Just a LITTLE of what you’ll discover…

1) Step By Step Method To Get Paid BEFORE you even send out your first follow up email!

2) Complex System Broken Down To Such A Simple Level That If Your Able To “Copy & Paste" a Url it will work for you!

3) Easy to follow method that will get you real results in less than 5 minutes!

And Much Much More!

I Honestly Can't Take Credit for this Hidden Gem

I spent the past year testing and tweaking these concepts over and over and over again till my fingers became numb.

I challenge you to not to be scared of the fact that this method only takes 5 minutes of "do this, do that" & is so simple that all you need to do is copy and paste a url!

It is by fact the BEST A to Z system that is live right now, and it's designed in such a step by step, newbie friendly way that will get you results TODAY... WITHOUT requiring a penny of your hard earned money.

Why People Who Try To “Reinvent the Wheel" Get Weeded Out Of Existence

There is an old saying in business...“Those who try figure it out on their own...die alone"

Think About It: You can exit this page and pride yourself on being a “lone wolf” and do your own testing to figure out how to make yourself profitable online and spend Hundreds or even THOUSANDS of your hard earned money.

Sound fun?

Now Imagine how much faster and just so stupidly simple it will be for you when you follow a step by step system that will make you profitable BEFORE you even send out your first email, rather than be the hundreds of “Reinvent the Wheelers" who spent 1000+ hours of their life trying to figure this puzzle out themselves!


1) Knowing...that you will never have to “hope” that you will be profitable when building a list and get paid 1$ to 4$ per subscriber on your email list with this system that can be implemented in less than 5 minutes.

2) Seeing real time income sent straight to your paypal account by simply copy & pasting a url!

3) Feeling the glory as people gladly hand you their money to build your own email list.

4) Get money of your email list before your first email even reaches your subscribers inbox! Then from there be able to send your new subscribers even MORE offers so you can even get even MORE money.

5) Screaming out of pure excitement...knowing you never have to worry about having to wake up at 6 AM to go to your damn office job only to get slammed with boring paper work from 9-5.

and a lot, lot more.

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