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Saturday, 20 December 2014

How To Crack Accounts With Sentry • TOOLS • PICS • [TuT]

 I have decided to take some of my time 
And make a tutorial for the beginners!
Things you will need:

SentryMBA Here

PoizonProxyProcessor_v1.0  Here 


Combo2Email Here 

Step #1.

- Download SentryMBA

- Once you have Sentry opened we need to load our config. Different configs for different websites. Also some configs have capcha and will show more details of what you have cracked. (steam will show games on account, etc).

- Click the SETTINGS tab and click "Load settings from Snapshot". Locate the config file you are wanting to use and load that bad boy.

Step #2

- We need to load some proxies for fast cracking!

- Click the LISTS tab and go to Proxylist. You can now load a .txt file with your list of proxies. You can get proxies with poizonproxy but their are so many ways of getting proxies. I recommend buying ProxyX here on hf.

Step #3

-Time to load some word/combo lists now!

- Click the LISTS tab and go to Wordlist, you can now load a .txt with your combolist. You can either load a word list & a password list, or a combolist. Combolist are in user:password format all in 1 file.

- Tip: Make sure you are using the correct format for the site you are trying to crack. For example Netflix uses email:password to login. I have included a program to easily convert your user:pass to email:pass.

Step #4

- Time to get cracking! Click the PROGRESSION tab at the bottom. Click the little green refresh button located in the top right corner to make sure you're using the combolist you just loaded and not an old one.

- Click start! If everything is set-up correct Sentry should start bruteforcing.

- An easy way to tell if it is actually working is to check under PERFORMANCE in the little box that pops up and make sure numbers are increasing under TESTED.

I have included a program called AIOHNB. You can play around with it or google some tuts on it. It's used to create combolists, you will get the hang of it. I might make a tut on that in the future!

I have also included some Sentry configs to get you started, most of them work but some might be outdated. You can buy new configs on HF for cheap!

Hope this has helped some of you!! This is my first TuT so I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Cracking!

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