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Sunday, 30 November 2014

[Auto Pilot] Easy 70$+ / Month [NEWBIES METHOD]

First you have Click Here

You'll Get Pay Around 1$/1000 Views
Now Choose Any Link You Want (Random) And Shrink It With Above Site,
Keep This Generated Link By Copy
Now Go On And Create A New Blog
Name It How You Want,
It Doesn't Matter And No Need To Fill It With Content
Click On "Template" (On Left Side Of The Administration Part)
And click On "Edit HTML"
Here's The Most Complicated Part ( But Easy As Fuck )

 Search For

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

 And Replace By

<meta content='5; URL=PASTE HERE THE GENERATED LINK EARLIER' http-equiv='refresh'/>

 Now Save It And Your Blog Is Ready.

Now Create An Account  Here

It Will Provide You Many Views On Your Link.
Go to "My Websites" Tab And Add The URL Of The Blog We Created Before.
Wait A Bit Till They Approve It ( Won't Take Long ~5min Max )
And You Can Now Go To The "Traffic Exchange" Tab And Download The Tool That Will Get You Traffic To Your Link And Earn You Money.
Now I Recommended You Buy Premium Account
Because The Traffic Exchange Will Limit You At A Certain Amount Per Day.
The Other Tip Is To Get Extra Website Slots ( More Traffic Per Hour ).
The Premium Account Is Also Interesting Because You Can Choose Where The Traffic Comes From,
Will Avoid You A Ban On Shrink Site
( I Personally Bought It And Have Anonymous Traffic Now ).
If You Have Multiple Computers I Suggest You To Install The Traffic Exchanger Tool On Them To Make More Views On Your Link.
Thanks For Reading!

Payment Proof

Here Is The Latest Tip For This Unique Method
Added = 11/01/2015
1st You Need To Register Here
After Confirm Your Account !
Go To Credits Mailer Tab In Left Side
And Fill Your Info Like Below Picture

And Press Send Button

Now Here Is The 
2nd Part Come How We Earn Credit???

You Will Get Emails In Your Account
Which One You Add In Registration Process
Check Daily Emails And Earn More Credit To Send More People
Otherwise Buy Credit ...  

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  1. any idea how I can earn more. I have created 5 blogs like how you instructed me to. I have posted to hitleap. is there any other way to get more hits? any ideas to optimize? thanks


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