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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Update Your Facebook Status With Your Own Name

1 Go to facebook developers then create an app by selecting app tab on the upper side 

 2. Then there will be a small box asking for app names in app display name ,  you can fill out any name which you want to show under your status and then click I agree facebook platform policies (even if you don't LOL )...

3. Then fill the security check (captcha) and then you will be taken to app settings then save changes and then you will see , there will be an App ID and App Secret ,  in that our useful one is App ID. Simply save it....

Like I have done..


4. Then go to this link:

5. (here xxx is your App  ID) copy your App ID in place of xxxxxx and then hit the big enter button and you will see that there will be a update status button just write what ever you want and bravo you have updated your status VIA your own name APP.....

I hope you guys will enjoy this.

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